Final Fantasy XV Gameplay Sure Looks Fantastic In HD

This is the Final Fantasy XV gameplay walkthrough. We've already seen it. We've even translated it. But here it is again, in 1080p.

While the walkthrough doesn't have the commentary, it does have stunning HD footage of the game in motion. Just gameplay, nothing else.

FINAL FANTASY XV Walkthrough October 2014 [Square Enix/YouTube]



      But I really wonder if it is running on ps4 or high spec pc.

        High Spec PC + GTX Titan Black + SLI - lol.

    Meh..Looks like most other open world titles, was hoping for a more fantasy like setting. At least they're driving on the correct side of the road.

      Where are the chocobo? What happened to final fantasy?

        Chocobo's are in the game, just not the trailer.

          Theres chocobos at :/

          I thought I saw some near the end?

            At 8:45 in the video? That's possible. Didn't see that.

    I fell asleep... it's so boring... and that repeating music...

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