Check Out The New TGS Trailer For The Evil Within

Video: Hey, check out the new TGS trailer for Shinji Mikami's upcoming horror game, The Evil Within. It's pretty well done. The game itself will be out October 14 for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One and PC.


    I've never been a massive fan of horror games. Being scared doesn't faze me, I just never found them interesting asides from FEAR

    I'm just hoping for this to be out of the way asap so we can hear more info about Doom and (hopefully) whatever Bethesda are working on, Fallout or Elder Scrolls.

      The Evil Within actually looks really great, I'm sorry to hear its not your thing.
      I'm sure if Bethesda wanted to give out more info about Doom, or Fallout and Elder Scrolls, they would do so, they seem capable of handling more than one game at a time, especially games of a different genre.
      I'd like some Doom info too, but i don't think we're getting any till 2015

        It does look like a good game and I'm sure fans of the genre will love it to death, just yeah, not my thing really. I was put of Resident Evil by the horrible controls of the first few games but no doubt that this will be a lot better in that regards.

        With the Bethesda comment, sometimes it feels (to me) like they're waiting for current games to be released first before starting hyping on a new bunch of games. All that's announced after TEW is released is Battlecry, Doom & Prey 2. I'd be happy just seeing the vid that was shown at Quakecon for Doom

          I wish they had just made a new Elder Scrolls game proper, as opposed to making ESO, Elder scrolls should be that huge single player experience, no need for MP, let alone a MMO.

          Yeh, i watched a reaction video after the Quakecon showing and everyone look pumped, jealous as, they need to release that footage.
          I worry for Prey 2, i don't think we'll see it, or it might become another 10+ years Duke Nukem Forever job (actually thats not fair of me to say i actually like Duke Nukem Forever)

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