Destiny, Call Of Duty Servers Brought Down. Again.

Destiny, Call Of Duty Servers Brought Down. Again.

Seemingly continuing with their recent attempts at being the video game internet's biggest pain in the arse, a group calling themselves Lizard Squad have taken responsibility for the server problems that have brought down both Destiny and Call of Duty Ghosts tonight.

If it really is them - it's not like Bungie are going to come and say "oh, you got us, guys" - it's the second time this month they have gone after the same two games, both of which are published by Activision.

CoD Ghosts & Destiny #offline

— Lizard Squad (@LizardSquad) September 29, 2014

We're aware of connection issues affecting portions of the Destiny player base and we're working to correct the problem. Please stay tuned.

— Bungie Help (@BungieHelp) September 29, 2014

Call of Duty's servers appear to be back online, but at time of posting Destiny's are still affected.


    The people doing this are just jerks, nothing more. They're not skilled coders/programmers/whatever, just a bunch of idiots.

    Had a day off, thought I might get some Destiny happening. Then this. Ffs.

      yep same here... was worse when they were attacking Blizzard that was infuriating.

    Destiny has been back up since about 2:30 or so for me.

    I mean no offence to anybody with cancer, but these assholes are absolute cancer. All they do is ruin the enjoyment of others like an extreme version of a troll.
    They aren't proving a point.
    They aren't 'standing against' anything.
    They are cancer.

      As somebody whose lost family to Cancer. I agree with your description.

      They are hard to detect, they bring nothing but misery and it seems the only solution is to remove them.

      And by remove them I mean take them off the internet, not physically harm them.

        Why can't we physically harm them? Might really drive the lesson home.

    What's the endgame here? What possible benefit could they get? Besides a punch in the throat or possible jail time?

      Awww does it have to be one or the other? Can't they have both?

        If they get the latter they'll get a punch in the throat plus a **** in the ****.

        and I mean a meal in a cell. :)

    Have these wieners ever like, given a reason for doing this? Do they claim to be making a statement, or are they just 100% legitimate trolls?

      as far as im awhere they go after twitch streamers and tell them to write lizard squad or other such bullshit on their forheads and if the streamer refuses then they ddos the game they are streaming

        So instead of generating their own followers by doing something worthy they want to leech it from other people?

        I don't wish any harm to befall these A-Holes, although I do want their modems to burn out.

      Some men just want to watch the world burn.

        Or in this case:
        Some kids just want to appear important

    They're hitting EA servers at the moment too. Targeting new FIFA game... I just wanna play some Battlefield 4

      EA just came back online after about an hour offline.

      No wonder Fifa servers were constantly down in the past 2 days.... :(

    What heroes, sticking it to, uh, the... the video game man? Protesting against people, um, well, having fun, I guess?? Or something? And goodness, DDOSing certainly shows THEIR mad skillz!

    That movie "Hackers" dated really badly. I thought it was so rad back in the day...

    Who knows, maybe they took down Titanfall as well.

    Would anyone have noticed?

    Man I love the concept art for Destiny

    Geez I am glad they are taking it out on us customers. Yeah, that will show the publisher by punishing us......
    Seriously, go hack the massive data center in the USA stealing the worlds information through the internet. You know a real threat to what these losers are against.

      Anonymous have an agenda, these guys seem to just want attention by spreading misery.

        yeah you are not wrong dude. I think my brain actually made the two groups the same thing in my head when they are not when I posted that maybe? Which is bad on my part.

        Still my point kinda stands about whoever did it being a damn loser.

          No argument that they are losers. 100% agreement with you there.

          Hell I don't even think Anonymous, are that useful in effecting change.

    What's their plan anyway?
    "We'll stop world hunger and war, let's take down the servers of multiplayer games!"

    I to was annoyed but it got me outta the house and on the motorbike so I won in the end thanks lizard squad

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