Every Final Smash In The New Super Smash Bros.

Every Final Smash In The New Super Smash Bros.

The most powerful moves in Super Smash Bros. are dramatic showstoppers — and you can totally watch them now, if you'd like.

Within nine minutes, GameXplain goes through every single final smash in the 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. — this includes secret characters, so you shouldn't watch this video if you want to remain unspoiled!

What do you think? Got any faves? I'm particularly fond of The Villager's final smash, since it's hilarious, as well as Pac-Man's, as it is super nostalgic. The fact that Charizard can mega evolve is pretty cool too.

All Final Smashes in Smash Bros 3DS [GameXplain]


    My faves are these: megaman's tribute to his series, super pacman, what the zero laser wasn't overkill enough for samus, that smash allowed us to use the gunship as well, 1 phrase: directional pk starstorm, is that the poltergeist 9000, maximum frogie, that troll dog seems to have gotten you in the crossfire of a retro gunbattle, what meta knight's smash wasn't badass enough, they allowed kirby to swing a bfg, lets bring out the angel equivalent of the power suit & note to self a big frikkin laser beam + black hole is how a god/ess should attack you with

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