Get Up Close And Personal With The Original Doom's Pixels

Get Up Close and Personal with the Original Doom's Pixels

Now you can take the opening area of Doom wherever you go. As long as you have a web browser, that is. A coder/artist that goes by the username P_Malin recreated an interactive embed of the first environment from Id Software's iconic first-person shooter using Shadertoy. His recreation lets you move around the environment and take a look at the elements of the hangar that old-school Doom lovers probably remember so well.

[via NeoGAF]


    I use DoomGLES to play it on my phone anyway. Always have DOOM handy for a bit of fun.

      Yeah.. Seems like far more than this is realistically possible when we've been playing Quake Live in our browsers for what.. 5 years?

    Not really needed - I have E1M1 embedded in my brain at this point. I could probably run through it with my screen turned off!

    i just get a grey/white screen.... doesn't really scream E1M1

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