Here's A New Take On Snake For You To Try

Here's a New Take On Snake For You To Try

If you ever owned an old black and white Nokia phone, you probably sunk heaps of hours into the game Snake. I did, which is why this hexagonal reimagining of the game by programmer Alex J Mundiñano is so engaging.

You can play Hex Snake here. Once you get some momentum going, it's hard to stop. Let's see who can get the best score in the comments.

(Update: Annnnnnd I think we overloaded the site. Sorry about that.)

Hex Snake via prostheticknowledge


    (Update aaaaaaaaaaaand kotaku managed to destroy managed to destroy another server's badwidth again)

      Fixed the servers!

    Good.... but still prefer TimeSplitters 2's Anaconda! :P

    It's just a less polished version of Snake from the Nokia N95! I miss that game so much!!

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