Here’s How The New Alien Items Look In Team Fortress 2

Here’s How The New Alien Items Look In Team Fortress 2
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Gallery: Pre-ordering Alien: Isolation on Steam will unlock special items for Team Fortress 2. They’re perfect for chasing a Xenomorph with flamers.

The Scout can wear the Alien cranium, backpack, and suit to make a passable Xenomorph:

The Pyro can use the special “napalmer.” And the other classes can wear the helmet:

This video shows the new items in action:


    • You have to go all the way back before the Gold Rush update for that. The game has changed so much since then it’s almost TF3 by this point. Remember when cp_gravelpit and tc_hydro were actually maps that people played?

  • Interestingly enough the Scouts set is restricted for Holidays/Full moon, like the Halloween sets. Guess they knew that the giant alien head is a bit much for every day usage.

  • It would be nice if Valve moved on from Team Fortress 2 and you know, made another game? TF2 is around 7 years old now, and I know a certain game that’s approaching it’s 10th anniversary (half-life 2 in case you didn’t know), it would really be a shame if valve didn’t do anything to celebrate it.

    • its all about the micro transactions. TF2 is a cash cow. still after 7 years. that tells me that they did something good.

    • It’s still one of the most-played games on Steam. Why would they drop a game still being played by hundreds of thousands of players?

      • I know how much of a money maker Tf2, CS:GO and Dota 2 are, it pisses me off that Valve won’t do something for their longest running fans.

        • HL3 won’t be released until the Source 2 engine is complete, AND the Steambox is near launch so it has a killer app on release.

          Valve’s longest running fans are still playing their games. Namely, TF2, CS:GO, and Dota 2.

  • Should have made a new melee item that was the xenomorph’s tail, where when you have the item equipped you see empty 6 fingered xeno hands until you press primary attack, which would make the tail strike, like it was coming over the scout’s shoulder.

    A Spy’s knife replacement in the form of the xeno’s second mouth would have been cool too.

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