Sega, Please, Release This Game

Sega, Please, Release This Game

Video: I want the new Yakuza game brought to the West, but I'm not going to beg, Sega. I am instead simply going to keep asking until it either happens or I die from Yakuza deprivation. Do you want my blood on your hands, Sega? Imagine the headlines. "Internet Writer Dies From Yakuza Absence, Sega Blamed". You don't want that press.


    Yakuza 5 PS4 port and Yakuza 0. Done exactly like Yakuza 4.
    Sick of this. Market it or just finish your lame slow death Sega.

    Uum...what was that stuff in the middle about the women???

    How about we try and get 5 and Ishin first? I'm assuming we can just give up on Kenzan now. :(

    PSO2 PLEASE SEGA! Oh wait.

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