These Yakuza 4 Screens Will Send You Flying

SEGA told us overnight that Yakuza 4 will be getting a Western release next year, sometime between April and June. Here's a fist - and occasional elbow - full of screenshots to celebrate.

And yes, SEGA Australia has confirmed it's definitely getting a local release.


    Next Question : How much do they plan to cut from the game?


      lol, i was thinking the same thing.

      Well they can't remove the cabaret mini-game this time, its actually story sensitive this time.

    These screens look awesome, cannot wait for this game.

    Still trying to finish Yakuza 3, I hope they do better box art for the next one, the black and white covers are so JDM.
    Very good game though, reminds me of Shenmue. They should remake Shenmue in this engine to keep the cost down and Sega own both franchises so it makes sense to me.

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