Now That We’ve Got Yakuza 5, Time To Start Drooling Over Yakuza 6

Now That We’ve Got Yakuza 5, Time To Start Drooling Over Yakuza 6

Released in 2012 in Japan, Yakuza 5 finally made it to North American PlayStation 3 consoles last week, just in time for Sega to release this jaw-dropping trailer for the PlayStation 4 exclusive Yakuza 6.

The general sense I got from fans of the series between the release date announcement post and Luke Plunkett’s completely true statement about everyone needing to play these games, was that they wished the game was on the PlayStation 4 instead. Well don’t worry, the PS4 love is coming… in a few years.

Maybe. Just check out the trailer for the game, released during a 10th anniversary celebration Sega held in Japan yesterday (via Gematsu).

Japan gets Yakuza 6 next fall, though they will get an early taste in next month’s remake of the series’ first game, Yakuza: Kiwami. Launch copies of that significantly retooled classic will include a demo of the next instalment. Kiwami is looking pretty great on its own, really.

Now would be a really great time to learn Japanese. Either that, or patience.


  • Well that’s a different formula for a trailer – eight minutes long and most of it dialogue! Not sure how I feel about it after watching that… maybe ‘bewildered’?

    • “eight minutes long and most of it dialogue”
      That’s to let you in on what the game will be like. I only played the third one, and sometimes I wished the game designers could be a little more concise with the cutscenes.

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