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Yakuza protagonist Kiryu Kazuma has travelled all around Japan throughout the series. From Tokyo to Osaka to Okinawa, the series has featured gorgeous cities full of lights and bustle. Yakuza 6: The Song of Life sends Kiryu on a new quest that brings him to the quiet Hiroshima town of Onimichi. It's a wonderful place that reminds me of everything I'd like to have if I didn't live in New York City.


Yakuza 6's demo, made available on the PlayStation Store, clocked in at over 30GB. There was a good reason for that: the download actually contains the full game, with only the opening stages made playable. The idea was that if you later decide to buy it, you'd be purchasing an unlock code. That was the idea, anyway.


The Yakuza series' merger of story, exploration and bone-breaking combat has made for some of the best games I've ever played, including this year's wonderful Yakuza 0. Last week, at E3, I had hands-on time with Yakuza Kiwami, a remake of the first game, and Yakuza 6: The Song of Life. It was awesome.