Six Video Game Characters Who Only Had One Job To Do

Six Video Game Characters Who Only Had One Job To Do

But they failed miserably, making the plot of the particular game possible or just messing things up miserably. The latest clip of Outside Xbox shows us who these unfortunate characters are and what they actually did.

He is not featured in the video, but there might be one more guy who only had one job to do:

Oh and also, don’t forget Black Mesa scientists…

6 Video game Idiots Who had One Job, Idiot [YouTube]


  • The Bulletstorm one is actually addressed in game though. All the characters hate him for it. His arrogant and drunk bro-dude atittude is the point. Its about putting gears of war assholes in a storyline where it doesnt all work out for them. Everyone go play it.

  • The Far Cry 3 one is also addressed in game, the guy in the bar who told Brody and pals about Rook island worked for Vaas and set up the sky-diving adventure so Brody and pals could be captured for ransom and slavery.

  • Something about the ‘come at me bro’ nature of all of these games bothers me – seems to be a predominant X-Box culture, so fitting it was X-Box losers who bring this video together… I don’t know why but these guys and people who play X-Box seem like perpetual virgins… Ah. A chip on my shoulder! Get it off, get it off!!!!!!

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