Sleeping Dogs, You're Looking Lovely With Your New Visuals

I'm yet to go and buy a big HD re-release on new consoles, because the game's in question are still too fresh in my mind. Sleeping Dogs, however, hits a sweet spot where it's both old enough I want to play it again and the type of game where new effects and textures can really make a big difference.

It also helps that the game, which is fantastic, could do with a second shot at the spotlight, especially since later attempts like Watch Dogs have shown that SD's mix of driving, combat and an open world isn't as easy to pull off as marketing teams and Rockstar would have you believe.


    How could you overlook metro? Those games are several shades of bitchin.

    I kinda wish it was coming to PC so I could get all the DLC :P

      Pc already had the Ultimate pack with all the dlc and HD texture pack. It looked more next gen than this not to mention running at 60fps. (It was on steam for like $20)

      Last edited 27/09/14 11:00 am

      It is coming to PC. Atleast thats what I assume from the steam logo at the end of the trailer.

    Came out on games with gold not too long ago. Super underrated.

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