Smash Bros. Online Is Pretty Strict

Smash Bros. Online Is Pretty Strict

Here's the big warning screen you'll see if you flip through the Online portion of the manual for Super Smash Bros. 3DS, which comes out next Friday in the United States (and is out already in Japan).

It's... strict. As you can see, you'll be penalised on the Nintendo Network for disconnecting from games, idling, etc. You'll be able to report or block other players for similar "bad behaviour", the manual says... but if you report too much, you'll be suspended, too. Sakurai's got an IRON FIST.

Expect lots more coverage on the new Smash game in the coming days leading up to launch next week. We'll have a review up next week too.


    I get the feeling i will get banned for "attacking one person excessively".

    Last edited 25/09/14 10:57 am

      That one is definitely a bit shit. I can see how it would apply if everyone ganged up in a free for all, but can also easily be misconstrued to apply to legitimate play.

        Well, back in the days before brawl, we used to pick on the best player until he died.
        It was logic and not bullying.

          Yup. Strategy. Eliminate the biggest threat.

    What on earth does "excessively" mean? In a 1v1 match, this could be a problem!

      Im pretty sure this doesnt include 1v1 matches. More to clamp down on people deliberately targetting/trolling people. Not sure how they'd effectively do it though..

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