The Problem Every Smash Bros Fan Will Face

The Problem Every Smash Bros. Fan Will Face

Can you love two versions of Smash Bros equally? What about if one of them has a big, juicy eight-player mode? It is, as the folks at Dorkly posit, a true conundrum.

If you're a die-hard Smash Bros acolyte, then it's a given that you'll be getting the Wii U version of Nintendo's all-star brawler when it hits in a few weeks. But, the open question is if the portable 3DS iteration of Smash Bros. will be able to keep a player's attention. Chances are slim, according to this comic.


    Considering both fill a need I have, don't really see me ignoring either version.

      I agree. Wii U when I'm at home, 3DS when I'm on the train. Simples!

    Wii U version is 8 smashes for the price of one!

    I love Smash and cannot wait to get into it but I have never had any interest in the 3DS version from the time it was announced until this present day. I can't see it working well on a portable and secondly I haven't turned my 3DS on since I got my Wii U just after launch.
    I might have given the demo a spin but I got the early access invite code the day after I gave the system away to a really disadvantaged family. Oh well.

    no way would i buy a wii u for this, ill stick to my 3ds thanks

    I'm happy with portable smash :) i dont have any urge to go get the Wii U version now :)

    Robins coat physics exclusive to Wii U!

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