Super-Articulated Robocop EM-208 Action Figure

Super-Articulated Robocop EM-208 Action Figure

Was this version of Robocop in the new movie? Why wasn’t he featured in the ad campaign? It reminds me of cylons and the conquered heroes in Grant Morrison’s Final Crisis. Check out the full gallery of Threezero’s super-articulated, light-up Robocop EM-208 figure below.

Available September 29 for $US190.


  • Here’s a hint. This isn’t Robocop. This is one of the drones used by Omnicorp for crowd control etc. Robocop fights around 20+ of them in a factory for a test at one point.

  • Funny it seems obvious that the poster hasn’t even seen the new Robocop Movie, which IMO wasn’t that bad. But if I want to see a Robocop movie it’s the original one I want to see.

    • Taken on its own merits, I quite enjoyed the new one, even thought it was one of the best remakes I’ve seen in years in terms of carving its own identity etc. I was glad it didnt outright copy the original Robocop but went its own way. It’s nowhere near as memorable as Verhoevens masterpiece, but it all up wasn’t a bad flick.

      But the original will just always be amazing 🙂

      • I was expecting a shameless remake, instead I got what you described above. It was a little scary, a modern remake that doesn’t make you want to pluck the eyes from your sockets.

  • The original one is around 10x better then the new one, abouts. You can’t beat a robocop that shoots rapists in the dick and punch terrorists out of windows……

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