Bummed Tester Explains Why He Couldn't Love Valve's Steam Machine

Bummed Tester Explains Why He Couldn't Love Valve's Steam Machine

Only 300 people have gotten to test out the Steam Machine that Valve itself is making. After six months with one of the hotly anticipated high-powered gaming PCs, one such man made a video talking about his experience with it. Watch it. You'll laugh. You'll cry. You'll ask "why, why, why?"

As most people probably have been, YouTuber SaharaDrac was excited to get the fancy crate that held a Steam Machine half a year ago. It came with the funky, touchpad-centric Steam Controller. Adventure was ahead! Except that neither the controller nor the SteamOS quite clicked for SaharaDrac, whose real name is Danny DeAngelis.

With sections that talk about trying to play various games and comparisons to a Windows-based PC, the seven-minute video does a good job of detailing why SaharaDrac just couldn't buy into the experience. Mind you, it sounds like he's still using Valve's first-party Steam Machine to play games. Just not in the way the company behind Team Fortress 2 intended.


    Watch it. You’ll laugh. You’ll cry. You’ll ask “why, why, why?”
    No. Nothing about that video was funny or sad. It was just someone explaining that the steam machine wasn't for him.

    Yeah I'd probably turn it into a Windows box too, But not windows 8.

    This guy is really whingy. Of course if you have the "full PC gaming experience" in a custom built powerful PC then the Steam machine is never going to be able to offer that same experience. That's not the point. It's competing against very low spec PC's and consoles. It's good that he noted that he's probably not the target demographic, but man he put a negative spin on it. Also, go outside! Not since Clinton was president..?

    Sounds fair. I doubt I'd have had much of a different experience.

    if you already have a PC that you use for games this is not for you. its an entry level (useabilty not power or price) "PC"

    Such a pretentious video and narration. It is good having a versatile vocabulary but these guy goes a bit far.

    I think what he says will mirror most pc gamers sentiments.

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