The Absolute WORST Way To Lose In Mario Kart

Whether you're just playing for fun or you're in it to win it, Mario Kart 8 is a game that stirs the competitive spirit. And then, sometimes, you end up losing to somebody who just happened to get a bullet at the last minute. IT'S NOT FAIR.


    Umm Yellow Yoshi won that race, last I checked 2nd place is still 'losing'...

      i like to think of second place as 1st Loser

      Second comes great after first!

    It's actually the best way to win! At highschool we'd all play Mario Kart DS in boring classes (that 1 game, everyone else downloads feature was AWESOME). This one time (at bandcamp) I blasted through from 4th to 1st, blowing aside the 3 ahead of me only moments before the finish line. They didn't know what hit them...

    It would have been worse if the bullet had hit Roy. Then Roy might not have made third. He might not have even made top eight if everyone coming up behind him had weapons ready too. This was actually kind of a typical race end...

    Never been far enough behind to every get a bullet boost.
    Only once ever got the Special 8 item.

    This is what Mario Kart is about. Hell even back in the days of Mario Kart 64 it was pretty much a strategy to not be first unless the map was so twisty that even the good drops might not be enough to win.

    "It's not fair!" is the chant of those who don't get it...

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