The First Game Announced For The Apple Watch Is... Arm Wrestling

The First Game Announced For The Apple Watch Is... Arm Wrestling

What fresh new wrist-based interactive entertainment can we expect to see when the Apple Watch launches next spring? How do you feel about arm wrestling?

Flying Tiger Entertainment, so excited the press release subject was in all caps, seems quite pleased to announce the first game for the Apple Watch and Android smartwatches, iArm Wrestle Champs. If the name sounds familiar, you might be one of the dozen or so people to download the phone-gripping version already available for iPhone and Android.

What iArm Wrestle Champs does is transform your boring old arm wrestling into an over-the-top spectacle, complete with commentary. Here's a video of the phone version being played by young men using foul language.

Now imagine they were both wearing high-tech watches instead of furiously gripping a cell phone, and you get the idea. Players will be able to customise the presentation with their picture and record voice clips that play while the accelerometer in the watch keeps track of the action. I'm guessing there's also the option for players to just say things to each other as well.

It's actually a clever idea, though maybe not exactly the sort of gaming I had in mind. We've got until spring of 2015 to play iArm Wrestle Champs. I'm sure there will be at least a couple more game-type-apps announced before then.


    This is a fantastic idea until the person who loses has their wrist smashed onto a table and the watch screen cracks.

      Aren't watches traditionally worn on the non-dominant hand?

        Traditionally yes. Not many people follow or even know tradition.

        Yes, but the app wouldn't be able to tell who was winning if it wasn't on the arm you were participating with.

      that's what apple wants, since you broke it and not manufacturers problem, then you gotta go buy a new one

      Smashed screen? No big deal, worry about a smashed arm, humerus poking out your elbow and six months of painful rehab for your arm to never be the same again.

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