The Latest Stupid Mobile Puzzle Game I Can't Stop Playing

Briefly: It's called Diamond Digger Saga — that's right, it's a King game. Another bright and colourful level-based puzzle game with compelling dynamics that keep you coming back for one more damn level.

It's free to level 40 on iOS and Google Play (or there's always Facebook) — after that it's time to start bugging your friends.


    Is king the maker of a sort of game drug or what?

    Why would any respectable person even install something like this? First, it's by King and secondly, surely you can see from the screenshots that it's another match game.

      It may come as news to you, but people quite like match games. They may not be 'hardcore' enough for 'real gamers' but many people, myself included, quite enjoy them. That said, I avoid King like the plague because of their shenanigans.

        If you like match games, I'm sure this is not revolutionary and you could probably get something better like bejeweled.

        Secondly, this is by the guys that made Candy Crush. From what I understand, after you fail a few times you either have to pay money, piss off your FB friends or wait. Any game that forces you to wait/pay to actually play is shit. I bet they are doing the same thing here.

          Like i said, King is Evil. I just don't like match games being dismissed. There's a huge variety, and they are a lot more different than people seem to think. 'Bejewelled' is downright boring compared to the actually fun, comlex games.

            Ok, I'll give it to you that there are some good match games, especially ones with stories etc. This looks completely generic though, hence my dismissal.

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