Xbox One China, Right On Schedule

Xbox One China, Right On Schedule

Chinese media is reporting that Microsoft’s Xbox One console is right on schedule for its September 23 release in the middle kingdom. Shanghai-based Dragon TV reports that the Xbox One has already gone through and was approved by the customs process in Shanghai and is now being packed onto trucks for shipment across the country. This means Xbox One will hit stores in China on September 23, 2014, like pretty much every other Asian country.

Microsoft first announced the release date of the home entertainment device during the week of China Joy. The system will come with a few timed exclusives, ranging from indie games to online games as well as bunch of government-approved launch titles that are already released in the West.

Contrary to media reports that the Xbox One’s Chinese release date is still TBA, the news that the console has gone through customs is both reassuring and confusing.

Basically the reason why the Xbox One had to go through customs is because it’s not a product that was sanctioned for production and sale within China. But what does that mean — isn’t the Xbox One already made in China, meaning that the Shanghai Free Trade Zone should allow it to skate by customs?

Well, both of those points are correct. The Shanghai Free Trade Zone is a pilot program in China that allows companies to work on things previously not allowed in China. There is more freedom. And yes, many Xbox Ones were and are made in China. Don’t believe me, check your Xbox ( don’t open them up!)

The customs officer in the video explains that Microsoft brought components and pieces from outside of the Free Trade Zone. These parts are then assembled into the Xbox One and slapped with China stickers. They’re then boxed with game codes for the pre-installed Chinese exclusives.

Confusing eco-political talk aside, the Xbox One is set to hit Chinese streets on September 23. The system will retail for $US602 without the Kinect camera and $US699 for a limited launch edition with four games and Kinect.

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  • Which retailers would actually sell these though? GoMe? Sunning? WalMart perhaps?

    Do I have to go to a China Mobile or China Telecom store?

    Or do I have to go to the technology markets where the grey market ones are already being sold?

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