Zerg Impersonator Is Disgusting (But Also Accurate)

Zerg Impersonator Is Disgusting (But Also Accurate)

The Zerg from Starcraft don’t make noises I would call pleasant, and trying to imitate them with a normal human larynx is no easy task. Lucky (?) for us, one fan has our back.

In the video above, Starcraft fan Alex Paler tries to imitate various Zerg units from Starcraft 2, with belchy yet solid results. Some are better than others (the roach is spot on), but it’s pretty impressive considering it’s all done in one take into a webcam. Get him a better mic and add some reverb and you’d be gold!

For reference, here are the Zerg units he tried to impersonate:

1. Drone

2. Zergling

3. Roach

4. Overlord

5. The Queen

6. Baneling

7. Hydralisk

8. Overseer

9. Infestor

10. Mutalisk

11. The Corrupter

12. The Ultralisk

13. Changeling (Zealot)

14. Changeling Marine

15. The Brood Lord

16. The Broodling

17. Larva

via Alex Paler


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