Dragon Age: Inquisition Will Be Playable At PAX Australia

Dragon Age: Inquisition. Boy that one snuck up on me. The game is set for release November 20, but EA has just confirmed that the game will actually be playable this weekend at PAX Australia. A 30 minute demo will be made available to the public, focusing on the Hinterland area.

The EA Community players lounge on Level One is where the demos will be taking place.

I expect there might be quite a queue for that one.

"The entire BioWare team is delighted to give Australian fans the opportunity to get hands-on with Dragon Age: Inquisition," said Mike Laidlaw, Creative Director at BioWare. "The level of detail built into the game is outstanding and we’re excited to bring our game to PAX Australia and meet our fans."

The BioWare presences at PAX Australia is fairly sizable. Dragon Age: Inquisition is about as ubiquitous as it gets. There's the playable demo which we've already discussed, there's a Behind the Scenes panel on Saturday morning, a Q&A, and a developer signing on Friday afternoon. Mike Laidlaw, the game's Creative Director, Aidan Scanlan, Assistant Director of Design, and Mark Wilson, Lead Technical Designer, will be doing the rounds at these events.


    On which system?

      Does it matter?
      But it will probably be PC

      Last edited 28/10/14 3:59 pm

      Vectrex. :P

      Serious answer: Most likely Xbox One.
      I kinda get the feeling that EA will have put all of their chips on it.

      PC's with Xbox controllers plugged in presumably.

    well that is just awesome, one more thing to get excited about for pax!

    BEST THING IVE HEARD TODAY hopefully i get to play as i will be there for 3 days i aint picking up dragon age 3 until all dlc released :D

    Dam it Mark - your really cool sounding religion panel conflicts!

    Already going to the "Stories you can play" segment Bioware are doing Friday night.
    I can't find the other Bioware events on the schedule :(
    I wanna go to all!

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