Here, Have 100 Gorgeous Studio Ghibli Desktop Wallpapers

Do the cool kids still call them wallpapers? Regardless, this is a link to roughly 100 absolutely stunning Studio Ghibli wallpapers. Be wary: you may be tempted to buy new computers just to use all of these images because they are gorgeous.

I didn't have the bandwidth to go through all 100, but I've already gone ahead and made the Ponyo one above my work desktop image — mainly because I like some clean space to drop files on when I'm being lazy as hell.

There is a lot of gorgeosity here that's for sure.

Thanks Katie!


    There are also these:

    One of these days I'll watch a Studio Ghibli film...
    One of these days...

      You've never seen a Ghibli film?! D:

        I keep meaning to, but never get around to it :\
        It's a shame, they look so pretty too :)
        Closest I've gotten is playing Ni No Kuni.

          I reiterate: D:

          Find some time, and go watch Porco Rosso. Or Laputa. Or Howl's Moving Castle. Or Nausicaä. Or Mononoke-hime. Or Grave of the Fireflies. Or Spirited Away. Or Kiki's Delivery Service. The stories' and characters' charm greatly eclipse that of the art-style.

          Jesus dude... They're called the Japanese Disney for a reason. Their stuff is such high quality. Do yourself a favour and watch a half dozen.

          Start with My Neighbour Totoro, Princess Mononoke, Kiki's Delivery Service, and Spirited Away. After that, just try a bunch of stuff.

          Oh and Grave of the Fireflies... but only if you are feeling like nothing can get you down. That suit is heart breaking.

    It makes me so happy to see that these are mostly 1440p, my monitor will be so happy!!

    Completely agree with os42

    If you've never seen any, don't start with the newer ones please. GO OLDER FIRST.

    And D:
    And lol wouldn't recommend grave of the fireflies as one of the first either. OR make sure you have a happy one straight after, like Totoro


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