How Much Money Have You Spent On Your PS4?

How Much Money Have You Spent On Your PS4?

You're already out $500 for Sony's newest gaming console, but you've likely purchased a few other accessories and games to go along with it. So in the roughly one year since it's launched, what's that number add up to for you?

Following our format for how much money you pumped into your Xbox One, let's remember all the potential intricacies of owning a PS4: the headsets and accessories, the premium subscriptions, the potential complete living room rearrangements...

So, what's your personal count? Share your list below, like this:

$Add Up Your Total Cost Here

PS4 ($500)

One-Year PlayStation Plus Membership ($70)

Infamous: Second Son ($6)

Transistor ($20)

Two extra controllers ($200)

Let's see what you got! And feel free to add any necessary context to your list, should you feel it needs it.

The last post of our inquisition comes tomorrow, for the Wii U. Prepare to crunch your numbers!

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    Around $800 AUD

    PS4: $497.95 AU (couriered from the US via Amazon)
    Extra controller: $79.99 AU
    Charging cradle: $39.99 AU
    Infamous: ~$70 ($59.99 US digital)
    Destiny: ~$110 ($89.99 US digital)

    Already had PS+ because of my Vita.

    PS4 - Christmas Gift last year
    Second Controller - $80?
    PS Plus Membership - $79
    Marvel Lego - $68
    Infamous Second Son - $69
    Shadow of Mordor - $68
    Total: $364 or $864 if you include the PS4.

    PS4 - $550 (Or around $200 after trading in stuff)
    PS4 Camera - $90
    Killzone - $60
    Knack - $60 (Traded back for $21)
    InFamous Second Son - $75
    Diablo 3 - $79
    Infamous First Light - $25
    15 month PS+ Membership - $70

    So $1009 total, or around $638 with trades.

    While I only just got mine recently and I've spent far less than a few of you here I am a bit worried how much I have spent. So here goes:
    $400 console
    $69 Destiny retail
    $28 Trial Fusion retail
    $49 Skylanders Swap Force starter set (part of 4 yr old daughters Xmas present) retail
    $15 Hohokum (digital)
    $15 Outlast (digital)
    $69 Red controller
    $24 basic chat headset (slightly better than included one)
    $0 for PS+ games and cross buys from PS3 like Flower, Flow etc.
    $70 for PS+ of course last years ran out just after I bought the PS4
    And just today I bought Alien Isolation for $68 retail.


    Not too bad I guess. More than I'd like to be spending when I should be putting more into the house but I'll probably always say that!

    PS4 - $549
    COD: Ghosts - $148
    AC4 - $138
    BF4 - $99
    Tomb Raider: DE - $79
    Infamous: SS - $65
    Rayman Legends - $29
    Watch Dogs - $148
    Trials Fusion $28
    Destiny - $130
    $70 - Bought PS+ 3 months before with the "Buy one year get 3 months free" offer.

    Total: $1483

    Console 550
    nba 2k14 70
    Destiny 70
    Knack 70
    Lego Marvel 70
    Fifa 14 70
    BF4 120 (inc premium)
    TLOU 60
    2nd control 60
    Shadow of mordor 50
    Trials fusion 30
    Rayman 50
    Child of light 20
    Dynasty warriors 85(?)
    PS Plus 70
    Total = $1445

    Been very happy with it. Play alot with my nephews on the coach coop and play online with mates most nights a week.

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      Where did you find Shadow of Mordor for $50? A friend of mine is looking for a good deal on that one.

        Dick Smith had sales last week. Went down from $59 to $47 on the online store. They did it for alot of the pre orders. AC, Cod, Evil Within and so on. Had to buy online though.

          Nice find. Sale's over now I assume, I'll keep an eye out for other cheap sources.

            Yeah. I'm pretty sure it was one of their hourly sales but I'm not certain. Got it in the mail this morning so 1 day after release is pretty good.

    Hmm Let do this:
    * Sony X PS4 Bundle: $650
    - Includes x2 controllers/Camera/Sony X Personal Engraved box/1 Year of Playstation Plus.
    *Playstation Plus 1 year (i now have the next 2 years paid for as I recieved the SonyX one after recieving the console) $70
    * Killzone: $60
    * Plants VS Zombies: $40
    * Assassins Creed 4: $60
    * Diablo 3: $60
    * Destiny: $50
    * Dynasty Warriors 8: $45
    * Quiz Show (fun to play with the GF): $7
    * Additional White Controller: $60
    * Turtlebeach Headset: $15
    * Custom Laser Engraved vynal for Controllers: $3
    EDIT: Oh yeah I bought Ghosts on PS3 then upgraded it for an additional $10.

    Total So Far: $1,130

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    Way more than I should have...

    Not as much as I want...

    More than I'm willing to admit comfortably here lol.


    Ps4 $500
    Wolfenstein $80
    TLOU $60
    PS+ every 3 months @$20 = $60 by now.

    Should cancel that. I play on xbl and the plus games havent interested me enough to turn on my ps4 in months. Waiting on planetside 2 as I suck at m+k fps gaming. My stupid brain needs thumb sticks.

    In total about $4100

    PlayStation infamous pack and extra controller $599
    Assassin Creed Black Flag $69
    Watchdogs $69
    Destiny $67
    PS+ 60-70ish

    In anticipation for project cars

    Next Level GTultimate racing seat and TV stand $850
    Sony w800b 55" tv 1450
    ButtKicker Seat shaker $250
    Thrustmaster T500 RS racing wheel $500
    Thrustmaster TH8A shifter $200

    Ps4 unit - $100 (out of pocket, gift cards from EB directly paid a majority of the costs)
    Camera - $90
    Controller - $90
    madden 25 - $80
    InFamous: Second Sun - $80
    LEGO Marvel - $65
    Watch Dogs - $90
    Knack - $80
    Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zero - Free
    Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark - Free
    Injustice: Gods Among Us - $40
    Sleeping Dogs - Free
    Octo Dad - $10
    WWE 2K15 Hulkamania Edition - $130 (Preorder)
    Grand Theft Auto V - $20 (preorder/trade in games)
    The Evil Within - $100 (preorder)
    Batman: Arkham Knight - $100

    Total - $725 with an extra $350 to come

    PS4 - $550 I think. Big W, arrived Launch Day.
    Extra controller - $79
    Long HDMI - $45
    Charging cradle - $39
    Vertical stand - $40
    Camera - $79 (never used as cable is TOO SHORT *grumble*)
    AC4 skull edition - $89
    Child of Light - $39
    Tomb Raider - $59
    TLoU remaster - $59
    Destiny Limited - $115
    FIFA 14 - $65
    Infamous - $79
    First Light - $24
    Knack - $39
    PS+ - had for 4 years...

    $1341. Well cycling to work means I save about that a year on PT (desperate justification time...)

    PS4 = $529
    PS+= $60
    Contoller (black) = $79
    Controller (red) = $59
    BF4+Premium =$120
    COD Ghosts= $80
    NBA2K14 =$80
    Wolfenstein = $59
    MGS: GZ = $39
    InFamous= $79
    Destiny = $79
    Watch Dogs =$79
    Alien Isolation = $79
    Shadow of Mordor = $59
    Diablo = Free (gift)


    damn thats alot

    TO be honest the most i have spent on the whole ps4 so far is
    $150 for the console
    $20 for killzone
    $25 for MGS GZ(should have been cheaper..)
    $20 for Last of Us remastered
    had PS+ for 2years worth so i didnt need to buy it
    The damage cost till now is $215
    not bad and because of PS+ i get free games to play.
    Also importing !!! is a must if you want cheap stuff.
    EDIT: I had alot of old PS3 games and since i used to the advantage of the birthday trade bonus and the my Eb member lvl 3 15% trade on top of that too. so it came up to a total of 700 added up. which helped me buy both ps4 and the xbone. not to mention vouchers were there too :) and the great staff at EB who discounted me some games just for the sake of getting both consoles

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    hmm..let's see.

    - White PS4 Destiny Bundle $519
    - PS+ 1 year $69
    - Game: Destiny Vanguard Edition $0
    - Game: Assassin's Creed Black Flag $0
    - Game: Killzone: $20 (Dick Smith clearance)

    TOTAL: $608

    So far, I've been playing Destiny ONLY, the other two games are still in mint condition :D

    PS4: free (from sony TV)
    controller: free
    PS+ 12 months: free (carried over from ps3)
    infamous 2nd son : free (gift)
    silicon thumb pads for controller : $3
    D3 ros : $48 (after trade in)
    driveclub: free (gift)
    minecraft: free (gift)

    I would have to say the value I've got out of the machine so far has been through the roof

    Havent picked up a PS4 yet,so $0, But these comments are giving me a budget of what I should expect.

    I hope you arent continuing these article next week. I would hate to think how much I spent on PS3 stuff over the years. Im guessing at least a Hyundai's worth

    PS4: $500
    Metal Gear Solid 5 - Ground Zeroes : $50
    Infamous Last Light: $25
    Playstation Plus 1 Year: $70
    Watch_Dogs: $70
    Velocity 2x: Free with PS Plus

    Total: $715

    However, this doesn't take into consideration the following purchases for next year...

    LittleBigPlanet 3: $50 already on deposit
    Bloodborne: $25 on deposit
    3 extra Dualshock 4s: $320 - already considered in next year's gaming budget...

    PS4: $500
    Controller: $74
    Killzone: $80
    Metal Gear: Gift

    So, I've borrowed a few games of mate, Infamous, Battlefield and Watch dog but I'm in love with my xbone. Sorry Sony. Just hurry up and give me Uncharted.

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