Indie RPG Is An Apocalyptic Sausage Fest

Indie RPG Is An Apocalyptic Sausage Fest

Lisa takes place in a bizarre, unpleasant world without women. There are grotesquely elongated spider men, writhing flesh pile people and giant intestine walls though. So that’s something.

Luke wrote about the game, subtitled “The Painful RPG”, back when it was on Kickstarter a year ago. Since then it’s made quite a bit of progress, as you can see (possibly from behind a protective mask of clasped fingers) here:

Choice is at the heart of Lisa, with its post-apocalyptic wasteland of pure f**kweird demanding that you pick between, say, losing a party member and losing a limb. Permanently. It looks to be a relentless assault of strange and demented scenes, but it’s not only being weird for weirdness’ sake.

This is a game about — as creator Austin Jorgensen puts it — “a sea of dipshits and perverts”, but they’re not all bad. Underneath all the oddness, body odor, unchecked beard scruff, blood, and, er, other fluids is a human story about unloved people. In this world, however, survival and sacrifice go hand-in-hand, so you might have to do horrible things to people, even if you like them. Things like:

– Visible character sacrifices that effect your stats (removing arms, eyes, scratches)

– Recruiting 20+ new party members in towns and camps.

– Giving up locations of towns and camps to gangs for profit, but they will pillage and destroy that town forever.

– White knuckle shopping cart races.

– Expending party members in Russian Roulette for huge profit, but perma-death if they lose.

All of which sounds pretty gnarly. I do like the idea of an RPG with downright mean choices, though. While many modern role-players include one or two, I feel like there’s a sense of general safety throughout — like you can pretty easily pinpoint the biggies and snooze through the rest. Lisa, by contrast, sounds really stressful, but there are already plenty of laid back games out there. Bring on the stress, I say.

All the bizarre imagery doesn’t hurt either, nor does the Y-The-Last-Man-but-in-reverse vibe. One thing’s for sure: whether good or terrible, this one will certainly be different. It’s coming out “very soon”, which likely means sometime this year given that it was originally planned for Q3 2014.


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