A Post-Apocalyptic RPG With Hip-Hop Artists

A Post-Apocalyptic RPG With Hip Hop Artists

Artist Dominick Rabrun gives us a glimpse in his video what a post-apocalyptic JRPG with hip hop artists such as Kanye West or Tyler the Creator would look like.

His short clip features one of those 'calm before the storm' moments almost every JRPG has, and man, a game like this would have a moody soundtrack. Solving conflicts between the characters would probably be the hardest part of the whole thing.

Hip-Hop RPG [Dom's Sketch Cast, YouTube]


    at first i was like OHH YISS a rap game. then i see the guys whos in it. Sry but who the F is Kendrick or Tyler? im guessing a cuple of these new mainstream ass nigguz who dont no the diff between rap and hip hop. The types of nigguz who make pop music.

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