Japan Is Good At Halloween

Japan Is Good At Halloween

When I first arrived in Japan many, many moons ago, Halloween wasn’t really a thing here. But in the last few years it’s gotten bigger and bigger. This year might be the biggest Halloween yet!

Picture: komayo_j_u_r

Sure, while Japan still hasn’t exactly nailed down trick-or-treating (it’s certainly not widespread, but some neighbourhoods have highly organised trick-or-treating), the country does have the dressing up part down pat.

Picture: mase_1213

There are Halloween parades, where loads of people participate. One of the biggest ones, if not the biggest, is the annual Kawasaki Halloween, which was held over the weekend in Kanagawa and drew over 2500 participants.

Have a look at some of the costumes.

Picture: monyura_miori

Picture: kemekime

Picture: koriMI190

Picture: Mopu3

Picture: mikel_cresson

Picture: Milliah58

Picture: hi3103

Picture: furi_makeup

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Picture: SATORU18beat

Picture: komayo_j_u_r

Picture: chococake459

Picture: kemekime

Picture: sudokeeeeen

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Picture: unmatchsan

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Picture: shishikage0610

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Picture: 27ringo

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Picture: furi_makeup

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  • I wish Halloween would take off here, but I can’t see it happening unless they shift it to the same seasonal time of year, i.e. heading into winter.

    It just isn’t spooky taking the kids trick or treating at 7pm in full daylight with the blazing heat destroying anyone in a heavy costume.
    Shift it to the end of Autumn/start of winter and it would be a lot of fun.

  • That said, does japan really need an excuse to dress up?
    Also, what happened to scary costumes, there are a couple here true but? That clicker though.

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