Mega Man Gets The Best Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Tie-Ins

Mega Man Gets The Best Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Tie-Ins

It doesn't get much better than a cat in a Mega Man costume.

Not only does the Blue Bomber get the best action figures, he's one of the most adorable reasons to pick up Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the 3DS when it hits North America next year. It's not just a cat creature in a robot costume...

Mega Man Gets The Best Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Tie-Ins's a cat creature in a robot costume wielding the skullcap of a robot dog as a weapon.

This is exactly the sort of tie-in that has me rushing to the store (*coughs*) to pick up a game I'm pretty sure I won't like on launch day. Monster Hunter never really did it for me, but I might be willing to give it another try for the sake of this fuzzy little bastard.

    Just sayin, more potential there (yes I am aware of the capcom connection)

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    'Cat Creature.'

    Pretty sure that's a Felyne.

    Sorry, I'll be that guy for MH.

    I too had major issues with the MH games, mainly due to the silyl controls of the 3rd title on the Wii U. But after putting it aside for almost a year, I picked it up again last week & suddenly understood it all.
    Am now majorly hooked, despite some dodginess in terms of controls & such. Especially that blood shocking camera.

      Trust me the camera has come leaps and bounds from the PSP, which caused people near permanent disfigurement in the hands.

        I bet; unfortunately never got to play the PSP titles.
        I just want the ability to lock onto enemies, especially non-boss style monsters.

          Get it on 3DS, it doesn't have a perma lock on, but it has a touchscreen button to focus on the selected big monster. Lock on would make it way too easy, even that semi lock on for 3DS brings the difficulty down significantly

            Am happy enough with the Wii U version. If the 3DS version has a price drop may pick it up to transfer characters on the go. Otherwise will get the New 3DS & MH4 when it's out next year.

              Yeah, was a figure of speech lol definitely better to wait for MH4, as it will have online on the 3Ds

    CAPCPOM's trolling of the Mega Man license is awesome. Well awesome for people with no investment in the franchise ;)

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