Mega Man Gets The Best Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Tie-Ins

Mega Man Gets The Best Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate Tie-Ins

It doesn’t get much better than a cat in a Mega Man costume.

Not only does the Blue Bomber get the best action figures, he’s one of the most adorable reasons to pick up Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate for the 3DS when it hits North America next year. It’s not just a cat creature in a robot costume…

…it’s a cat creature in a robot costume wielding the skullcap of a robot dog as a weapon.

This is exactly the sort of tie-in that has me rushing to the store (*coughs*) to pick up a game I’m pretty sure I won’t like on launch day. Monster Hunter never really did it for me, but I might be willing to give it another try for the sake of this fuzzy little bastard.


  • I too had major issues with the MH games, mainly due to the silyl controls of the 3rd title on the Wii U. But after putting it aside for almost a year, I picked it up again last week & suddenly understood it all.
    Am now majorly hooked, despite some dodginess in terms of controls & such. Especially that blood shocking camera.

    • Trust me the camera has come leaps and bounds from the PSP, which caused people near permanent disfigurement in the hands.

      • I bet; unfortunately never got to play the PSP titles.
        I just want the ability to lock onto enemies, especially non-boss style monsters.

        • Get it on 3DS, it doesn’t have a perma lock on, but it has a touchscreen button to focus on the selected big monster. Lock on would make it way too easy, even that semi lock on for 3DS brings the difficulty down significantly

          • Am happy enough with the Wii U version. If the 3DS version has a price drop may pick it up to transfer characters on the go. Otherwise will get the New 3DS & MH4 when it’s out next year.

          • Yeah, was a figure of speech lol definitely better to wait for MH4, as it will have online on the 3Ds

  • CAPCPOM’s trolling of the Mega Man license is awesome. Well awesome for people with no investment in the franchise 😉

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