Professor X Sure Is A Wimp In X-Men: The Animated Series

Video: Screen Junkies has proof in its latest supercut that Xavier wasn't really the best choice to lead a group of mutants, at least not in the classic X-Men animated series from the '90s. What's with the Patrick Stewart bits in the clip though? He's the exact opposite of a wimp!

Supercut: Professor X is a Wimp [YouTube]


    This show actually is still quite watchable today. (unlike the turtles toon, which i sort of found to have aged badly). At any rate one thing that always grated was the fact that they always replaced "die" or "kill" words with "destroy"...

      Try the turtles live action movie. It holds up remarkably well.

        Ive been nervous to revisit that, but with reccommendation i just might. I used to love it so much i could recite it from beginning to end beat for beat. I havent revisited the Super Mario Bros movie cos I loved that too as a kid but as an adult I now am told its a terrible film, and im scared to ruin my happy memories lol

          Son .. stay right away from the Mario Bros movie. You do not want to open that wound. Trust me.

            I still love the Super Mario movie, but then I love bad movies in general. I was always disappointed that they never made some crazy tie in game of the movie (of the game lol)

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