Ash In The New Pokemon Anime Is A Wimp

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Not only does the new anime Ash look different, he's also a weakling!

Or, better yet, he now has normal ten-year old kid strength. Because in the past, Ash has lifted enormously heavy Pocket Monsters (and other objects) with ease.

Remember this? The kid is carrying a tree trunk like it's nothing and then THROWING IT.

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The scene appeared in a 2006 episode of the Pokémon anime.

Oh how ten years can change a...ten year-old.

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The latest series showed Ash trying to clear logs out of the road.

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But he's a wimp in the new series.

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(Pikachu seems kinda strong!)

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Good thing back up arrived.

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And cleared the road.

[Image via あにこ便]

Superhuman, the new anime Ash is not.


    Well, that's them screwing Ash over for nearly (2nd place) winning the Karlos League. :(

    Last edited 08/01/17 11:23 pm

    Damn it Ash! Do you even lift bro?

    A young kid cant lift a log likely weighing a ton. This is suprising how?

    Maybe being immortal weakens you at some point?

    Ash is part of the McCloud clan as we all know.

    I haven't seen any quickening in the anime so I guess he's way overdue for one. If he could find Red, Blue or Gary and behead them he would be fiiiine.

      Red will prolly behead Ash... and most likely has already beheaded Gary and Blue and subbed in clever substitutes so that no one will ever know...

      Why do you think we haven't heard from Gary in years and Blue is a bitch to Red? 8D

    Ash: "What ever happened to Gary?"
    Pikachu: "Pika Pika."
    Ash: "What do you mean he Married Misty?"
    Pikachu: "Pika Pikachu!"
    Ash: "Charazard burned my wedding invite? What the Hell?"

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