The New Pokémon Movie Shows How Ash And Pikachu Became Friends 

The New Pokémon Movie Shows How Ash And Pikachu Became Friends 

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Last December, we first got a look at upcoming Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You! The teaser made it seem like the flick was a reboot. The latest trailer confirms it, showing how Ash and Pikachu teamed up.

Their relationship doesn’t start out so great, but Pikachu eventually warms to Ash. (That is, even after the kid tied him up! But hey, he did say, “I like you.” Heh.)

If you’ve seen the anime’s first episode, you should know the story, but for a new generation of kids, which these annual movies are primarily aimed it, this origin yarn might be new. 

Pokémon The Movie: I Choose You! will hit Japanese theatres this July. 


  • 90% of that trailer looked like it was just taken from the first episode (or first few episodes) of Pokemon, not overly exciting IMO but I guess I’m not the target audience.

    Wish they’d instead used it as an opportunity to ditch Ash altogether and rebooted to a story/character-set closer to the games, something like the Adventures manga series – it still branches out into really original stories like the anime always has but it tends to bring it all back to the game characters/stories in the end.

    • I’d love to see something along the lines of Pokemon Origins extended. That had a lot of promise.

      • Check out Pokemon Generations. It’s sort of an extension of Origins that’s made up of excerpts from all the different games. It’s pretty cool.

        • Yeah, it wasn’t bad, but I kinda felt the latter ones fell flat a bit. Especially with the Heatran one. God, whoever that kid was he was annoying as hell. Was he that bad in the game?

  • Thank God for original character design. Let the Alola saga be but a blemish in the continuity of the series.

  • Booo! Ash ties up a “friend” and says “I like you” it’s cute, yet when I do that the police get called. Not fair.

  • So it’s not a reboot? It’s just retelling a story from the start of the timeline? I think mixing up the style of the show with each generation will be the closest we get to a reboot.

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