Newest Pokemon Film Hits Aussie Cinemas November 11

Newest Pokemon Film Hits Aussie Cinemas November 11

After airing in Japanese cinemas in mid-July, the 20th movie in the Pokemon franchise is coming to Australian cinemas in November.

Airing in Event Cinemas from all Australian states and territories* from November 11 to 19, Pokemon the Movie: I Choose You! is the first Pokemon in the Sun and Moon timeline.

Designed as a reboot of the Indigo League storyline, I Choose You! copped some flak earlier this year due to the exclusion of Brock and Misty, longtime stalwarts of the Pokemon series. The movie also diverted from the original in other areas, with Pikachu speaking lines other than “pika” or “Pikachu”.

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Tickets and session times can be found through the Event Cinemas website. There’s also a promotion running on the first two days of screening where ticket holders can get a limited number of Pokemon Trading Card Game cards with Pikachu wearing Ash’s hat, although there’s no word on how many of those will be available.

Update: As a reader pointed out on Twitter, the only state not included is Victoria. They do have the Moonlight cinema and another one in Melbourne, but otherwise Victorians are excluded for now. We’ll chase up with Event Cinemas and let you know what the situation is.


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