The Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution Trailer Is ... Something

It's not due out in the West anytime soon, but the Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution trailer has just dropped online. And ... it's certainly something.

The movie is a remake of the original Pokemon movie, using a fresher animation style that's probably akin to a sharper take on the visual style from the Pokemon Let's Go! games.

It's ... different. I'll let you be the judge of the rest.

I'm still not sure anyone asked for this. Mewtwo Strikes Back Evolution hits Japanese cinemas on July 12. I'm betting the reactions from Japanese Twitter will be interesting, although probably not as wild as when audiences heard Pikachu speak for the first time.


    More proof that remakes can go jump in a fire. They could have at leasft just remastered it and kept the hand drawn feel, but this actually looks garbage.

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