The New Pokemon Animated Movie Looks Like A Reboot

The New Pokemon Animated Movie Looks Like A Reboot

Image: Pokemon Movie

Next year marks the 20th anniversary of Pokémon anime. And next summer’s big Pokémon movie looks like it will celebrate that milestone by going back to the beginning.

The first Pokémon TV anime aired in Japan in 1997, and the following year, the first feature hit theatres. To date, there have been nineteen Pokémon animated movies, so the upcoming one will be the 20th. Unlike other Pokémon flicks, which are connected to the latest games on sale, this one harkens back to the franchise’s start.

As pointed out by Barulog, the upcoming entry will be called Pocket Monster the Movie: I Choose You!, which certainly brings back memories of the early anime and games. That’s the point!

The teaser says “Your adventure begins” and shows Ash putting on a hat with a very familiar design.

Even the outfit Ash wears on the new movie’s poster look very similar to his original threads.

(Image: Pokemon Movie)

[Image: Pokemon Movie]

This Twitter user points out that the house the trailer looks like the one in Pallet Town.

If that doesn’t drive home the point that this is a reboot, the film’s poster shows Hou-Ou, the Legendary Pocket Monster that appeared at the beginning of the TV anime’s first episode.

An episode that was titled, Pokémon: I Choose You!

(Image: Pokemon Movie)

[Image: Pokemon Movie]

Don’t you just love the title font?


  • Was there ever any explanation about Ho-oh being in the first episode? Did Ash ever end up encountering it at all?

  • Did ash ever actually win anything?? Even as a kid I remember getting sick of him seemingly going nowhere only to let go of his best pokemon along the way for no good reason. No “friendship” isnt a good reason.

    • Ash won the Orange Islands League, but hardcore fans don’t count it as it technically isn’t an official league

  • It makes sense. Most kids today would never have seen the original Pokemon series. Even Cartoon Network doesn’t go back that far in reruns. So unless they get DVDs or source the episode online, this might be the only way kids will see the origins of Ash and Pikachu

    • It’s on Netflix and many parents are passing on their love to their kids, me included.
      Not to mention the people that give their kids a tablet with Netflix to babysit them, I’m sure they would come across it as well.

  • Why was Ho-Oh Written in romaji? Understandable if it didn’t have an English name, but it does. Genuinely curious as to whether there was a specific reason.

  • The caps kinda off, Thats gonna upset some gennwuners!
    In all seriousness this looks pretty good.
    Consider me intrigued.

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