Remember This?

Man, yesterday was fairly — is it okay to say this word again? — 'epic'. People had been close. They'd skirted around the edges. It took a true hero in scrumptatoes to finally push through and guess correctly.

So congrats! It was Red Faction II.

I'd also like to give a big shout out to wa1dofoo whose series of comments at the end of yesterday's thread had me pissing myself laughing.

Anyways, good luck with today's effort and have a great long weekend everyone!


    Definitely "Tiger Woods PGA Tour". I think it was 2001?

    Last edited 03/10/14 1:33 pm

    Dragon Quest 9 or Maybe Dragon Quest Monster joker
    Those colors and jaggies make me think DS

    Last edited 03/10/14 1:42 pm

    Super Monkey Ball
    Diddy Kong Racing

    Edit: looks like this from DKC

    Last edited 03/10/14 2:00 pm

    I wanna say Dark Cloud 2. No idea but that was my immediate reaction.

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