Remember This?

Congrats to mickd for totally guessing yesterday's Remember This. It was Pilotwings on the N64.

Good luck with today's effort. IT'S HARD.

(If someone guesses this in 30 seconds I'll cry)


    super double dragon

      Think this may be correct.

    Alex Kidd in Shinobi World?

    I have visions of a Ninja game from my Commodore64 days.. think it was maybe "ninja" or "last ninja" something like that.

    But it just looks to detailed for a game of that era, so in short I dunno !

      I thought it was Bruce Lee on the Commodre 64.

        Yeah I had forgotten about that one.... thanks for the memories !

    woohoo that's my second remember this ... a long time between drinks

    for todays .... umm unirally snes

    This is another one that's frustratingly familiar but I can't remember what it was...

    Wow that looks familiar.... no idea what it is though.

    one of the Shinobi's or Shadow Dancer mebbe?

    ninja gaiden/........or shaq fu.


    Mega Man 3

    Double dragon hey
    what hasn't been said:
    - Super Double Dragon

    I think Im going to be upset when someone gets the answer to this one

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