Smite Unveils Local Servers (And The Most Australian Character In History)

It took Blizzard almost 10 years to deliver local servers for World of Warcraft. Hi-Rez Studios? It took them roughly seven months to bring local servers to Smite. That's a fairly good innings.

Smite's Australian servers are apparently now live and players can switch their existing characters and unlocks across without issue. They can also remain on existing servers if they wish.

But I'm far more interested in the ridiculous character skin they created to celebrate: perhaps the most Australian character design in the history of Australian character designs.

He's called the Sydney Shredder.Technically the Sydney Shredder is just a skin for an existing Smite character. But...

He's a goddamn surfer who rides waves. But instead of riding a surfboard, he rides a crocodile. This is the best. Just the best.

Of course he comes with a host of Australian catch phrases, and catching up with a couple of members of the Hi-Rez team yesterday, I was informed that the Sydney Shredder was actually based on Rugby Union player Nick 'The Honey Badger' Cummins.



    Oh, I thought at first maybe he had an arm off, but I think it's just in the wave. It'd be a fun back story if he lost his arm to a dingo or something.

    I approve of this and may now try playing Smite

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    Enh. A lot of games actually come out with Australian servers right off the bat or very close to launch. They usually close them after a while.

    WoW's sort of gone the other way, which is laudable because you can expect that since they didn't just go in half-cocked, they know what they're doing and plan for this to be a long-running thing.

    As opposed to all the flash-in-the-pan 'oh whoops, that's actually really expensive and there's practically fucking no-one using them, only a few dozen-thousand... what kind of population is that?'

    ...Cool character, though.

    Been waiting for this. Moved from FPS to MOBA, happy to move to the middle ground.

    this is all because the Australian Azure servers have just gone live I would think.

    Thank goodness! I can't wait to play tonight with out 400+ ping! For all who haven't tried it I recommend it! Just be patient all MOBA's, as I'm sure you know, have some serious bad flaming problems.

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