10 Times Using Facebook Got People In A Lot Of Trouble

Just because you're on the internet doesn't mean you don't have to be careful about what you say. Too bad some people learn this lesson the hard way.

Alltime10s has an interesting countdown that details the many ways people have gotten into legal hot water because of things they did on Facebook. It's kind of fascinating. The list includes:

Truthfully, many of these are a case of making bad life decisions. It's kind of hard to have sympathy for some of these incidents. Why in the world would you try to hire a hitman on Facebook, for example? But still: Be mindful of what you say on social media, folks.

10 Ways Facebook Can Get You Arrested [AllTime10s]


    All the ones that only used facebook 9 times got away scot-free.

    Wanted to check out the Prime Minister one, but it's behind a paywall :/

      A BANGLADESHI PhD student at Perth's Curtin University faces a possible death sentence after the Bangladesh High Court ordered he be charged with sedition for posting a message on Facebook deemed insulting to his country's Prime Minister.

      Muhammad Ruhul Khandaker, 29, was charged in absentia with contempt of court in the capital Dhaka last week and sentenced to six months in jail for failing to appear before the High Court to explain why he should not face trial for posting a derogatory comment about Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina on his private Facebook wall. On Sunday, the court instructed police to prepare charges of sedition against him by January 15, indicating the court's intention to fast-track the case.

      Mr Khandaker, a tutor and PhD scholarship student at Curtin's electrical and computer engineering department who is on a student visa that expires in June next year, said yesterday he had little option now but to apply for a protection visa.

      "I am worried the government might want to make an example of me to stop any other citizen from criticising the government," he said. "I have talked to the Immigration Department here and they have said they will have a look at the matter and that I should wait and see if it cools down. But it's not cooling down because they're very aggressive on this."

      Mr Khandaker said he was now in an impossible bind because he had been advised by a lawyer in Bangladesh, as well as family and friends, that it was not safe for him to return.

      But under Bangladeshi law he may not appoint a lawyer to appear for him in court unless he first appears in court himself.

      Mr Khandaker's troubles stem from comments he posted on his Facebook wall last August, which were leaked to the media. These comments mourned the road accident death of acclaimed Bangladeshi filmmaker Tareq Masud and condemned the government for allegedly issuing thousands of licences to unqualified drivers.

      "Tareq Masud died as a result of government giving licence to unqualified drivers. Many die, why does not Sheikh Hasina die?" Bangladeshi court officials claimed his Facebook post said.

      Mr Khandaker says he read the comments on another social networking site and then cut and pasted them on to his wall to demonstrate the depth of anger over Masud's death.

      After they were leaked - he believes by a Bangladesh university colleague - and received widespread media attention the High Court demanded Mr Khandaker and his employers at Jahangirnagar University in Dhaka explain why he should not face trial for insulting Ms Hasina.

      An Immigration Department spokeswoman said "any person that is onshore can apply for a protection visa and their claim is assessed on its individual merits".

    Fantastic article. As a pre-service teacher that 'attack a teacher day' one particularly resonates with me. Social media has benefitted the world greatly, but one can easily, very easily, argue it's done as much damage, potentially moreso, than it has good.

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      ive yet to really see anything good about social media aside from keeping in touch with proper friends and family. Infact i really really really really hate the term social media

      Have to agree with you.
      I like the world before it was all interlinked and so connected.
      I could rant all day about it, but i wont.

        you own a dayz server dont you......

          Perhaps.... ;)

            I knew it.... :O I played on your server the other night, the name 'trogue12' came up in the announcement hahaha.

              Hope you enjoyed it. So far most people are being friendly on there. Il give you a tip:
              If you go to the boat near berazino, there should be some back packs full of loot in a sea container. I put some there last night.
              Lucky server reboots don't clear loot any more.

                Yeah it was a decent one. Though I did get shot at near the Elektro fire station. I was near a wall, it 'ptang'ed' off the wall lol. He was in the fire tower on the left of town. The fool ended up copping a 7.62 round right through the face. Shot at us for no reason. I play under the name 'Steve'. We'll be playing tonight, my mate 'Norm' and I. Add me on Steam if you like, 'Weresmurf'.

                  Sure thing. Il pull my self away from smash bros and try get on.
                  From memory im in svetlov (?).

                  @trogue12 Ummmm I think we're in Zelengorsk at the moment? We're trying to track down crashed choppers atm. They seem pretty rare O_o

    A lot of these seem like dick moves but don't seem worthy of arrests or jail time.

      A lot of them are about harming others.. they're not just dick moves.

        One was just "lol". Don't generalise.

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      Considering all the shooting in American schools anybody involved in "Attack a Teacher day" deserved to be arrested. If I heard about that at the school my kids where at and that the Police did nothing I'd be furious.

    I've only seen the first 30 minutes of The Social Network, but isn't #2 how the website began?

    It seems like it's every other day someone is getting convicted of a crime because they were stupid enough to post photos, video or descriptions to social media. Heck, there was even one time a guy was caught because he'd been using Facebook to brag about a crime... On the computer of the person whose place he was currently robbing.

    The story behind the drunk driver LOL comment seems a bit weird. I can understand the judge issuing a hasher sentence due to her Facebook comment showing a lack of remorse, or even instructing her to delete the comment. But instructing her to delete the account under threat of contempt of court sounds like overreach.

    What about the of the man who killed his wife, took a photo and posted it on his FB page?

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