The Metal Gear Solid Fan Film We’ll Never See Finished

The Metal Gear Solid Fan Film We’ll Never See Finished

Back in 2009, I wrote about a MGS fan film called Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy. Made over the course of years, the one-hour movie looked really good. So does the planned sequel. Make that did.

Here is a 12-minute “pilot” that the fan flick’s producers hoped to use for crowd-funding a feature-length film.

However, this clip is apparently all the world will ever see of Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy Part 2. Plans for the crowd funding ended this month over licensing issues.

“As you know, it took us a long time to start working on a sequel for MGS Philanthropy Part 1,” said director Giacomo Talamini in a YouTube statement (below). “And that was mainly because we were afraid of confusing someone else’s IP.”

However, after Hideo Kojima tweeted that he “couldn’t wait” to see part two, work on the sequel began in earnest.

“Unfortunately, in these very last few days, we were finally told what the situation is with the Metal Gear licence… We were told that Philanthropy could not be officially authorised. And compared to when we made part one, the risk we would face in producing MGSP2 without being officially authorised would be far too great. So, Philanthropy officially ends here.”

Continued, Talamini said, “We knew this might’ve happened. And we have nothing against the creators of Metal Gear, the saga that we all love and will continue to love.”

While it’s a shame a full-blown sequel won’t get made, at least there are twelve minutes of what could’ve been.

The Land Where Truth Was Born (MGS Philanthropy – Part 2 Preview) [Hive Division@YouTube]


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