Watch The League Of Legends Worlds Semifinals Right Here

Watch The League Of Legends Worlds Semifinals Right Here

If you haven't been following the League Worlds tournament, this weekend brings us the semifinals. Today's match: Samsung Blue vs. Samsung White.

Samsung White is a favourite to win the tournament overall. Despite having never won against Blue, all the analysts picked them over Blue, along with 70% of viewers.

The tournament is happening in Seoul, South Korea, so the matches have already happened. No spoilers, just check out the Twitch stream below. Oh, but don't forget to check out the hype man intro:

The Twitch embed of the whole series is below, but you can jump around to specific games at these times:

  • 43:35 - Pregame show/analysis begins
  • 1:03:00 - Game 1
  • 1:57:30 - Game 2
  • 2:56:40 - Game 3

Tomorrow's match between China's Star Horn Royal Club and OMG will decide who goes to the final round next weekend, where the winning team will nab the $US1 million prize, and that massive Summoner's Cup.


    An interesting thing about this match is that due to new rules in competitive LoL, one company can no longer field two competitive teams. So either Blue or White will have to go. And there are rumours that Samsung is basing their decision on who wins here.

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