Who’s Your Main Character In Super Smash Bros. 3DS?

Who’s Your Main Character In Super Smash Bros. 3DS?

Sure, Smash Bros. is a game about watching a bunch of colourful characters duke it out. But it’s also about arguing over which character is best.

I’m not a Smash die-hard like some of our staff members, but I’ve been having a hell of a good time with the new 3DS version of Super Smash Bros. I haven’t unlocked much yet, but I already feel a bit spoiled for choice when it comes to which character I’ll play.

Of course, the first thing I started wondering after I began playing was: Which character does everyone choose as their main?

I made a poll:

This should be interesting.


  • Captain Falcon technically according to my game, but Peach and Bowser. Bowser got a really good boost in this game.

    • I’ll give King DeDeDe a close second cause he just looks so funny flying (“GUP! GUP! GUP!”)

  • Captain Falcon. #1 Husbando of All Years.

    Little Mac, Ness and Ike all getting shoutouts though.

  • Still loving my melee main of Shiek.

    I’m starting to lean towards Pac Man as well, hes just so fun to play!

  • Nobody. I’ve only worked my way through the bottom three rows of the roster so far, but have come to the conclusion that I suck with everyone.

  • Enjoy Fox McCloud and Charizard at the moment, followed by the inevitable Pikachu. Honestly haven’t put that much time in yet though.

  • Used to be Lucas…. But I’m going to have to pick someone else this time around 🙁
    I’ve always been decent with Zero Suit Samus I guess :/
    Edit: why does olimar have such little votes? He is amazing!

  • used to be a tie between Marth and Young Link back in the Melee days.

    Started with Marth in Smash 3DS but then I unlocked Lucina and she’s my new favourite by far. Even faster than Marth!

    I’m re-discovering my play style, which I’m learning tends toward fast characters with close range attacks and good defence / counter attacks

    Zero Suit Samus is my second favourite so far, but I’ve been pretty surprised by a lot of the characters including how much more enjoyable some of the returning characters are compared to Melee (the last Smash I really got into)

    Yoshi is way faster and seemingly more user friendly than in Melee, for example, and Little Mac and Duck Hunt Duo are other favourites so far.

  • I play Alt Form (female) Robin whenever I need to do some serious smashing.

    Otherwise I just use random & go with whomever the system selects for me -adds a bit of challenge when trying to unlock all of the hidden characters (only two left to get).

  • Always love smashing faces with the ‘Dorf. His speed buffs from Brawl, whilst minor, can catch many people by surprise online.

  • Palutena is my favourite but only with custom moves to make her faster.
    If not her than Rosalina, Zelda, Robin (M), Ness or Pacman.

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