World Of Warcraft Servers Are Now Live, How Is That Working For You?

Blizzard announced local World of Warcraft servers for Australia last week, but now they're actually up and running. How is that working out for you? Have any of you checked it out yet?

According to Blizzard, players are reporting great pings across Australia and New Zealand.

Earlier today we posted a video of fans reacting to the announcement at a fan-event Blizzard held for Warlords of Draenor, now they've released a more official video from the event, which looks like it was a lot of fun for everyone who attended.

But anyway — how are you finding the local servers so far?


    Between 23 and 30 ping last night from Melbourne! It was glorious! Those frogs never stood a chance.

    Pretty good, last night we grabbed a heap of Americans and brought them into our raid. We all had a good chuckle whenever any of them complained about lag.

    Ultimately it has all been largely pointless if you're pvping, which is the huge draw for lower pings honestly... Great deal of games you'll still end up grouped with and/or against Americans and playing on their servers anyway.

    Also the issue of a lot of SEA based players located on Oceanic realms that are now getting worse pings... Expecting free transfers off Oceanic realms to pop up at some point after they finish their free transfers onto them.

    getting 26ms at home now (compared to the old 500-ish). It feels pretty great but I suddenly need to relearn casting/rotation timing :P

    Pretty sure World of Warcraft servers have been live for a while...... heheheh

    havent tried them yet as im waiting for my guild leader to finalize the move

    feels more responsive, but that's about it, was looking for an excuse/promo to get all my character on the same server anyway so this hasn't been bad, just wish the transfer service was working properly.

    Getting about 35ms. It feels quite strange to not have lag.

    Does anyone actually like the latest patch? It doesn't seem as much fun...

    I didn't realise it had gone live. I was in LFR wondering why my casting lag was off. I moused over the latency info and saw I was on 11ms. After 10 years, I feel it is a case of too little too late though :-\

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