You'll Be Getting A Very Different Kind Of War Game In Two Weeks

You'll Be Getting a Very Different Kind of War Game in Two Weeks

Embodying a soldier has been a staple of video games for a while now. But, on November 14th, players will control the kind of ordinary citizen who the machines of war usually roll right over. Here's what This War of Mine will look like when you play.

This trailer for 11-bit's upcoming wartime survival title shows a few slices of gameplay, with a focus on scavenging and interacting with other survivors. I love how — despite being quite obviously a game that happens in 2D — the environments have been created in a way where you can see just how wrecked these homes and communities are. This War of Mine doesn't look like the kind of game where amassing a big collection of guns or headshots will matter very much at all. We'll get he chance to find out soon.


    Having only just finished playing through Deadlight for the first time, this looks very much the extension of that.

    Can't wait to see more.

      Frikin yeah! I preferred the bits with less zombies and more exploring and problem solving which this looks like it has a lot of.

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