10 Things To Do In Warlords Of Draenor Once You’re Level 100

10 Things To Do In Warlords Of Draenor Once You’re Level 100

The expansion has been out for a few days now and most of us will reach level 100 in the coming days. Raids are locked at the moment and Warlords of Draenor‘s end-game is not really about daily quests, so you might want to pass the time with something else. Here are 10 suggestions.

Gear up in Heroic dungeons: Once you’re 100, four new dungeons unlock and a total of eight await five-man groups to get all the loot. Mobs drop items with an item level of 630, which is just perfect for a fresh level 100 character. Challenge Modes — where you need to complete the dungeon as fast as possible — are back, so if you’re in a good group or guild you might want to try those too.

Finish all the remaining zones and do all the levelling quests: You don’t need to finish every quest in every zone to reach level 100, but doing them will get you some additional rewards. Finishing a zone’s story always rewards you with a free “Garrison Assembly Note”, and there’s always a quest here and there with some exceptional loot: a follower, some vanity pet or something for the Toy Box.

Get Apexis Crystals: Apexis Crystals are a new currency in Warlords of Draenor. You can use them to buy all kinds of things, like vanity pets, but most importantly raid-ready gear with an item level of 630 that can be further upgraded. You can get Apexis Crystals from killing rares around Draenor, from level 100 dailies available in your Garrison, completing Inn dungeon dailies, doing work orders for medium and large buildings also in your Garrison, and there’s a rare follower mission that rewards you Crystals instead of the usual XP or gold.

Queue up for Ashran and grab your PvP gear: Ashran is the new end-game zone for level 100 characters. Once you get there you’ll be flagged for PvP and queued automatically (you might have to wait a lot though) for a 100 vs. 100 world PvP battle for the island. Raise your reputation with the islands’ factions and collect “Artifact Fragments” so you can buy all the PvP gear with an item level of 660.

Hunt for treasure and rare monsters in Nagrand: Nagrand is full of hidden treasures and some rare elites that can’t be soloed (say hi to antelopes with as much HP as Old Gods!) but sometimes drop really great “binds on equip” gear, and that means one thing: Mad amounts of gold (20-30 or even 100k per item) on the Auction House.

Get your Garrison ready for raiding: Raids unlock in early December so there’s time to prepare. If you’re seriously into raiding, you might want to build everything in your Garrison around that: Get a Barn, the Salvage Yard, the Inn or the Tavern, a Dwarven Bunker or the War Mill if you’re on the Horde side, and the best profession buildings (think about all those Flasks you’ll need).

Gather Garrison resources: You’ll need thousands of these small wooden boxes to upgrade everything properly in your Garrison to level 3, and you’ll also need them later for Tier 17 raid gear bonus rolls. The only problem is that you can’t really farm them as efficiently as other currencies. A Lumber Mill and hunting rares and treasure chests will help though, but hitting the 10,000 cap will take some time.

Try to flip the Auction House: Tons of new items mean a messed up economy, and as mentioned above, if you’re quick enough you can make some serious gold on the Auction House. Not just with rare items, but with simpler crafted stuff. Think about what flasks, gems, and enchantments other classes might need.

Gain faction reputations: Faction reputations work a bit different than those in Cataclysm and Pandaria. No traditional dailies or tabards this time. It’s all about finding treasure and killing elite rares. Find them, get their loot and hand them in. This also means that getting exalted with some of the new factions, such as the “Steamwheedle Preservation Society” with only a few options available, will take some time.

Solo old content: Last but not least. Go back to Pandaria, preferably with a level 100 Blood Death Knight, and burst through everything. Grab those missing achievements.

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  • 11) Hunt rares in Pandaria for the [Glorious!] achievement, as they’re now all up all the time.
    12) Farm Zandalari Warbringer in Pandaria for the 5% mount drop
    13) Get a Cloud Serpent in a few hours because no one is farming the eggs anymore

  • LOL after all the troubles with the release, raids are still locked? i guess that’s why blizzard always fail at release of an expansion.

    • raids have had a scheduled release date for a while before the WOD expansion. has nothing to do with the launch at all.

      • Yeah. It’s a smart way of doing things. So many MMORPGs burn their end-game content right away because the patch that introduced the new content also introduced something that made completing the content way too easy. Garrisons strike me as something that will majorly break the balance of the game at least once.
        In World of Warcraft there’s also the competitive scene to think of. All those release problems? They result in the world first kills going to the people who lucked out enough to maintain a solid connection during the first week. They go to the obscure raid group that just happened to luck out and realise that using the level increase they could break a crit/hit cap and do monster damage. Fair is fair and those wins are as legit as any other, but it’s much more fun if the playing field is level.

  • Probably worth noting that doing heroics isn’t as simple as reaching 100,you will need to reach the minimum gear requirements and do the proving grounds

  • Head back to Hellfire Penninsula and gank people trying to cap the watch towers…. Finally got onto a server where I have 1 character last night…. Logged out 30 mins later.

  • Get your Garrison ready for raiding

    All the nostalgia telling me I should get back into World of Warcraft just flew out the window with the realisation that they’ve made the player into the Peon. I mean I always farmed and grinded for raid resources, but that was for potions and gear. This just cuts right to it though.

      • You can call me Commander all day long but if my job is to gather resources to maintain buildings I’m either a Peon or a cheat code. =P

        • its not quite like that. the resources come quite naturally through the course of normal play you arent really going out of your way to get them. It’s just a way of speed gating the content out so its not just BAM FULLY UPGRADED GARRISON DAY 1 type of situation.

          • I feel like garrisons are also gating a lot of the other content too, in a good way. Plus, crafting recipes only being purchasable with the books that you can only create one of per day really puts the brakes on flooding the economy, and will create a level of scarcity for the best crafted items that will have them well in demand for a while to come.

          • I get that and I can agree with a lot of it on a content release schedule level. It’s just a big reminder for me that these games are built to be demanding at their core. I mean you can say it doesn’t impact the way you play and you’re mostly right, but let me ask this, if it doesn’t impact the way you play then what’s the point in keeping track? If it’s not changing the way people play because players are going to be doing this stuff anyway then they’re giving it to the players for free. The only difference is that by keeping track of it they effectively punish players who have scheduling conflicts.
            It’s presented as icing on the cake to farm resources efficiently rather than naturally, a bonus for those who seek it, which is fair enough, but it’s a tiny request that adds up with a bunch of other tiny requests to form a list of demands.

          • To be fair the garrison system actually pulls that way back from what it used to be, you can craft things in timers that can save you some effort over several days. Resource farming is localised, unless you want auction house levels of mats you can pull enough from the garrison itself. Dailies have also been crushed down into a single activity that nets you the currency for end game. It is a much lighter time sink for the average player now.

  • Make many alts and run garrison missions, play musical character switch every 30-40 mins and watch as they level up. It gets pretty hard to level a 90 follower @ char level 100, since most quests that show up are level 100.

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