World Of Warcraft Class Quests, Then And Now

World of Warcraft Class Quests, Then And Now

Class specific quests in World of Warcraft are long gone. These unique quest chains were once part of the levelling process and made players journey through entire continents and dungeons just to obtain a unique mount or ability.

It took time to finish them. But not anymore. Nixxiom's made a short nostalgia trip and his video shows the drastic changes... perfectly.


    Been playing on Nostalrius and it's all there, baby!

    That video made it look so much harder than was to get Aquatic Form that I'd love to see a follow-up video on the quest line for Epic Flight Form.

      Man, I mostly played a druid after the expansions hit in WoW. The epic flight form quest was a hell of thing. Hands down the toughest one to do imo, since everyone hated doing that dungeon on hard-mode and then the summoned boss was so goddamn hard!

    I still look at my Dreadsteed and remember the mission it was to get it.

    Not that I ride it.... It basically advertises "HERE BE WARLOCK EASY GANK FOR ALL MELEE & HUNTARDS" on a PVP server.

    Vanilla WoW, Warlock epic mount quest.
    FML the hours I spent in Dire Maul...

    Man... i still remember waiting in Ironforge for several hours trying to get a team of pallies to help me do my Epic mount quest. I still remember being in rattlegores lair, switching seals like crazy. I wanted that mount so bad.

      ah yep. good times... good times indeed. standing on a pile of bones trying to find the right seal

    reading articles (and watching videos) like these made me wish I'd played the original WoW. Alas, I neither had the money for subscription or a stable internet back then...

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