10 Years Later, One Of Gaming's Greatest Moments Comes To Life Again

Ten Years Later, One of Gaming's Greatest Moments Comes to Life Again

A seminal moment in the history of competitive gaming is the Evo 2004 match between Daigo Umehara and Justin Wong. Overnight, the two celebrated the fight the best way possible: Facing off in Street Fighter.

Just in case you haven't seen the original fight, you can watch it below. (Daigo is Ken, while Justin is Chun-Li.)

And, of course, this clip:

To celebrate this iconic bout, earlier tonight, Daigo and Justin went head to head in a Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike match as part of an exhibition dubbed Moment 37 Reloaded. The name refers to the now famous match as Evo moment #37. So, 10 years later, Daigo once again played as Ken and Justin played as Chun-Li.

It's cool to see the fight again ten years later with a different outcome. Below is the full showdown, for those who are interested:

It's always a pleasure to watch these two gents play Street Fighter.

Moment 37Reloaded - Daigo vs Justin Wong parry moment [fonpotter/YouTube] Moment 37 Reloaded [Official Site]


    I love these two dudes. Watching Wong at Evo made me want to play all of the gamez. Still think Daigo is a beast still

    THIS IS SWEET. Always has been. That is all

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