Can You Find Far Cry 4’s Other Secret Ending?

Can You Find Far Cry 4’s Other Secret Ending?

It’s only been out for a matter of days, but Far Cry 4 has already proven itself quite the treasure trove. Before it was released, an easter egg was discovered that was actually an alternate ending. Since then, one of its creators has continued to hint there’s another, even more secret ending gamers haven’t uncovered.

It all started when Alex Hutchinson, creative director on Far Cry 4, fessed up to the first secret ending after it was unearthed by GameSpot:

But it didn’t end there:

There’s another, “super secret alternate ending” buried somewhere in Far Cry 4. And by the sound of Hutchinson’s playfully cryptic banter with people on Twitter, it’s somewhere very close by the original secret ending.

Argh! The proximity of one secret alternate ending to another, super secret alternate ending makes it supreme secrecy all the more maddening, doesn’t it?

To refresh our memories, Far Cry 4 begins with protagonist Ajay Ghale riding into Kyrat on a bus carrying his mother’s ashes. The bus then gets commandeered, and Kyrat’s evil tyrant Pagan Min shows up. Min escorts Ghale and one of the other bus riders to one of his fortresses, where he forces both of you to participate in a very scary meal. After monologuing (as villains are want to do) and torturing the other bus rider for a moment, Min steps away, saying he’ll return shortly. Here’s how Nathan described the original secret ending, which players can access the moment they gain control Ajay Ghale — after Min steps out of the room:

First things first: If you play Far Cry 4 the way it’s intended to be played (as, you know, a first-person shooter), it will take you much longer than 15 minutes. However, as a sort of joke alternate ending, Ubisoft’s given players the option to wait around near the beginning of the game for Pagan Min to return to his snazzy villa after he takes you, Ajay Ghale, a young man who’s returned to Kryat to scatter his mother’s ashes, captive.

Normally this would be the part where you flee, rampage around, and get embroiled in the civil war at the heart of Far Cry 4‘s plot. However, if you simply sit there, “enjoying the crab rangoon” as Min says, for a little more than 10 minutes, he’ll come back and be your BFF. Or at least, he’ll give you a very personal history lesson and take you to a place where you can put your mother’s ashes to rest.

After exiting the shrine where you’ve deposited dear old now-conveniently-travel-sized mum, you rejoin Min near his helicopter. He then quips, “Oh good. You feel better now? Get it out of your system? Maybe now we can finally shoot some goddamn guns.” Then “Should I Stay Or Should I Go” by The Clash plays and the credits roll.

Apparently, there’s another branching moment somewhere in Far Cry 4’s prologue as well:

I just can’t find it yet. I started and restarted Far Cry 4 three times today to poke around the game’s prologue in search of some magic lever or hidden button that I missed. I use those two terms metaphorically, don’t worry. Or maybe there is an actual magic lever sitting somewhere at the introduction to the game, and I just haven’t found that yet?

I could continue to bang my head against Far Cry 4’s virtual walls. But I’d rather ask you, all the Kotaku-reading gamers out there, if you’ve had any luck uncovering the deepest secrets in Kyrat. Have you found any additional easter eggs? Any that seem not just secret, but super secret? Tell us about them in the comments, and we’ll see if we can get to the bottom of this.

My money’s on the other secret ending just being that Ajay escapes the compound, takes a wrong turn, and gets eaten by some horrible devil bird. Or maybe a honey badger, those are pretty nasty too.

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