Could Overwatch Have An Australian Based Map?

I can't believe I didn't spot this on my first couple of watch throughs, but Sydney is actually featured in the cinematic trailer for Overwatch. Does this mean we can expect an Australian based map?

As you are no doubt already aware, Overwatch is set 60 years in the future, but it's also set on planet earth, meaning that the game's maps are based on real places. There's one that is clearly Japanese, one that is clearly London, and one that draws inspiration from Egypt.

As you can see above, the cinematic trailer features the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House — surely that means we'll have some sort of 'Australian' map in the game?

Apparently there's still a lot to be revealed about Overwatch. New maps obviously, new characters with different abilities. So here's hoping that an Australian map is part of those plans.


    Maybe it's because of PAX and Borderlands still in my mind but is the industry paying more attention to Australia recently?

      Don't forget Australia getting the New 3ds before everyone except Japan

        Arguably that's because they're wanting another holiday season to unload the older models of the 3DS from the US.

      Well with Borderlands, it did help that the Pre-sequel was made by an Australian team.

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        But making everybody on the moon Australian was Gearbox's idea.

          Only after listening to the placeholder voice acting made by the Aussie team.

        In the same way that TF2 is full of Australian-themed things because Robin Walker is Australian.

    "Could Overwatch Have An Australian Based Map?"

    I'm going to say no, or if it does it'll be way down the list of priorities.

      Way down under the list of priorities. :)

      I'll see myself out...

    Looks like a big reference to Pacific Rim

    I think that was just part of the lore that they have created.

    My excitement for this game just grew a's hoping that it comes to fruition.

    It seems like overseas devs haven't got the message that Melbourne is just better than Sydney. But noooo, all tourists want to see is a big bridge and some spiky choir hall...

      at least a Sydney map can be a lot more random than a Melbourne map. I can't think of places other than Sydney where there are 3 sided buildings.

      A Melbourne map will look like any other generic city map.

    More importantly in my opinion is will there be Australian servers to play on? Not that interested in playing fps on overseas servers.

    Seems possible to me.

    Fairly sure at the first panel they said that they wanted to try get some really interesting and varied maps, and (while all futuristic) they wanted them all to feel very much 'on Earth' with recognisable landscapes, landmarks, architecture, etc.
    I think it's safe to say the Opera house/Sydney Harbour fits pretty well with that - even if I think Melbourne would be better :P

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