Dark Souls 2 Is Coming To PS4 And Xbox One

Bandai Namco just dropped a bombshell. After the recent three DLC chapters, it has just been announced that another addition to the world is coming to Australia on April 2nd: Scholar of the First Sin will bring the original game plus new content to next-gen platforms, in addition to including all previous DLC content.

The all-encompassing version will be coming out on all platforms, but the PS4, One, and DirectX11-enabled PCs will benefit from better graphics.

In Bandai Namco's words:

This ultimate Dark Souls II experience features additional in-game events and NPCs along with new deadlier enemies and gameplay improvements.

I reached out to Bandai Namco as to exactly what new content that would entail, such as new boss fights, but it's unable to say at the moment. I'll update this post later if anything comes to light.

The timing means we all will have likely finished Miyazaki's Bloodborne by then, which is due out in March.

Dark Souls 2 missed a solid chance to plug a few holes in its lore with the recent DLC, and I expected more answers from Crown of the Ivory King. As a result, some of the cooler ideas about Drangleic's lore have been highly speculative and bordering on fan fiction. That doesn't make it any less cool - part of the fun is the community coming together to answer these questions - but the sequel feels less tied into itself than its predecessor. Less deliberate.

It seems unlikely that they would make drastic changes to the lore in what is essentially a GOTY version, or Director's Cut. But new Dark Souls content is pretty hard to pass up, as any Souls fan will tell you.


    A point of correction, Bloodborne's release was delayed and it is actually coming out near the end of March.

    Heeey, you deleted the previous article and my comment!

      Sorry about that -- this one has the Aussie date. No info about new boss fights or enemies unfortunately :(

        Couldn't you have left the first article so we can all make fun of you for repeating articles? >:

        Now I will be forever tormented by a little "1" icon at the top of the page, urging me to click on a link to a reply to my comment on the original article. But the link is broken so I have no way of clearing the icon. Anything you can do about that? :S

    Incredibly happy. Is there any sliver of a chance that saved data transfer from PS3/360 would be possible do we think?

      That's a good question, I'll put that to the local guys as well.

    What are the controls like?

    I'm asking because I do a lot of remote play & if I have to rely on a lot of touch controls I will die then die....then die.

    I have wanted this so much - Dark Souls (1) is my most played game on the 360 this year - I bought Dark Souls II but the disc gets such a workout that 360 power brick has overheated on several occasions!

    I own an Xbox One so I won't be getting Bloodborne but this great news - day one purchase for me!

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